We understand the design process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Fees can vary depending on the scope of your project. Don’t worry COZY CHIC DESIGNS is here to work with you as much as you desire or your budget allows. We get it! This stuff can get expensive but understand and trust that we will source products and services that will get the job done for less. Your home will be a beautiful sanctuary and your heart and wallet will be happy!

One-Time Consultation

Our team will visit your home, consult with you on your design dilemma and offer suggestions and ideas on how to achieve your vision.

Project Based Design

We will be with you from start to completion of your project guiding and designing until it’s time to relax and enjoy!

Small Investment, Big Change

Don’t want to invest in new furnishings? Sometimes paint and lighting or a few new accessories can change the look of a space dramatically. We will “shop” your home and relocate furnishings and accessories to new places. Wella!…your space will be transformed.

Shopping Service

The Cozy Chic Design Team will shop piece-by-piece until your space is a reflection of you!

Home Staging

Our Design Team will stage any room either by  “shopping” your existing merchandise or purchasing new until we achieve that Cozy Chic feel! Perfect solution for realtors with clients looking to get their home ready for potential buyers.

Room-by-Room Interior Design/Decorating

The Cozy Chic Design Team will work directly with you designing and decorating your dream space one piece at a time!

Service Fee:

Every design is so personal and individual.  Our Fees vary based on the need and scope of the project.  Our team would be honored to work with you in your home and help achieve your goals.  Contact us for a consultation and let us help make your dreams come true!

Virtual Design

The Cozy Chic Designs team will work with you through virtual consultation guiding you through the design process. This may include online shopping and sourcing.

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